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Remarks on using Kating Thong Brand cement and clinker

Remark on using Kating Thong Brand Cement

Kating Thong Cement have the high early strength, reasonable setting time, stable quality, good adaptability with additives, and so on. During construction, following items need to be paid attention to:

  1. Pay attention to store, and avoid moisture.
    During transportation and store it is requested to take necessary measures to avoid seep in the hold of truck, to put waterproof cover in time; Cement should be stored in the dry place in order to avoid humidity into big lump; During using, we must follow the principle of coming first, using first, moreover, it is not appropriated to store too long time, avoid moisture, which will cause quality decrease; In addition, cement is definitely not allowed to put together with sugar, fertilizer, and so on which will caused bad reaction on quality.

  2. Cannot mix different type cement together
    As different type, different grade cement have difference in quality, specification, it is requested to separately store, separately use. The various type and grade cement of different producers should not be used together mixing; meanwhile, the same type and grade cement of different producers cannot be used together.

  3. 3. To select certain type and grade cement reasonably
    It is requested to select certain type cement reasonably as per the request of construction part and concrete strength grade, to avoid the status, like high grade cement make low grade concrete, or low grade cement make high grade concrete, which will cause bad workability and high slump loss, and lose in cost.

  4. Stick to pre-testing of concrete
    During using Kating Thong cement, as different request on building structure, and part as well, it is requested to stick to pretesting of concrete, to find out the ratio; In case use new additives or change additive quantity, should make pretesting of concrete, try best to select good adaptability additives; In case some change from Kating Thong specification items, we will inform you to make pretesting of concrete, in order to make sure concrete quality steady.

  5. To pay attention to constructing in order and protect
    Should strictly make control in adding the sand, gravel, water, and other materials, water should not with organic compound, sand should with low muddy, sand with high sulfate and alkali cannot be used; the design of mix ration of concrete should be as per the constructing design; keep uniformity when construction mixing
    w/c ratio should be low, pound should be within measure, no paste spilling, moulding should be continuedto avoid concrete strength decline induced by cement unevenly distributing, eduction, bleeding and others.

Under high or low air temperature should control the temperature of admixture to avoid the rapid or slow setting time for concrete. After loss the plastic moulding concrete should be water and covered in time and keep wetness, to avoid concrete craze induced by to excessively dryness, meantime please note that no earlier or more for watering to avoid bad surface blending low strength, sand and peel appearing.

 Remark on using Kating Thong Brand Clinker

Kating Thong clinker has the speciality of high early strength; high silicate mineral, stable quality and low hydration heat, meantime Kating Thong clinker possess the ability of producing different types of clinker. To use Kating Thong clinker better please take note of the proceedings as follows:

  1. To avoid moisture
    During the transportation, store of the clinker, should seriously pay attention to the solutions of water proof; should transported with cover in rainy days; not allow to store openly in order to avoid moisture and low strength.

  2. Using after test; coming first, using first

    Even Kating Thong brand clinker has stable quality, for the sake of avoid moisture and mix with different producers clinker which do impact on quality, it is requested to stick to the principle of using after test; To avoid strength decrease induced by too long time store and humidity please insist on the rule of first coming first using. To fully exert the quality advantage of Kating Thong clinker we suggest that Kating Thong clinker should not be mixed with other clinker, especially clinker from vertical kiln.

  3. Request on testing

    It is requested to make clinker testing according to China national standard, and cement industrial standard, like standard testing mill grading charts, the content of gypsum, blains control, curing temperature, humidity and timing, criterion of compressive test, which make sure exact clinker strength test so that to guide cement produce and fully exert the quality advantage of Kating Thong clinker.

  4. To carry out specility testing, work out the best mix ratio

    According to request of various type cement and its strength grade, it is important to select the appropriate additive and gypsum, request us to carry out specility testing, work out the best mix ratio, to make full use of clinker quality, lower the cement production cost.

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